Hi everybdy

"Food is not about impressing people, It's about making them feel comfortable."

I still remember when I got married & came to US first two days I don’t have to bother about food, we were eating out and then we went to grocery store & there the reality struck
Its not that cooking was a new term to me but cooking with out taking instructions & help of my mother & grandmother was something new and different.
Newly married, nervous but with lot of confidence I cooked bhindi (okra) & burnt it but my husband M ate it like nothing happened though he didn’t say anything but I felt really bad. That day I realized that I used to cook before but all on my mother’s instructions.
That means it’s a new world to me and has to start cooking from scratch with out my mother’s help.
M always been very encouraging to me & till today he is my guinea pig.
And i like cooking for him.