Happy Navratri

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"Navratri" or "Navratra" is a combined word which means nine nights.
During these nine days, devotees keep strict fast and Durga is worshipped. The style of observing Navratra is different in different parts of the country, but its sole aim is to make Durga Ma happy and to seek her blessings.
On the first day of the Navaratras, grains of barley are planted in the puja room of the house. Every day some water is sprinkled on it. On the tenth day, that means on Dusshera the shoots are about 3 - 5 inches in length and after pooja sisters put them on their brothers ear. It is significant of prosperity and abundance.

Today is Ashtami - the eighth day of Navratri. In northern India, people usually fast during this period, for seven days, and on Ashtami, the eighth day, devotees break their fast by worshipping young girls who are supposed to be representatives of the Goddess herself by offering them the puris, halwa and chanas

Thaali For Kanya Pujan
(L. Rassewale Aloo,Boondi Aanar Raita,Kale Channe,Suji Halwa, Puri and Banana)
Talking about Fasting,I read it some where but its true that the modern-day fasting is pretty relaxed with variety of dishes to choose from, almost every household in North India observes these nine holy days by keeping fasts. But guess what? The kitchens are busier than before and the platter is more exciting than the usual days.

Now take a sneak peek into my kitchen.

L- Kajoor Rolls, aloo ka raita, Kacche kele ke Kofte with Kuttu Parantha

R- Aloo Ka Halwa,Plain Yogurt,Green Chutney with kuttu ke Pakode

L-Arbi(taro)TavaFry,Rassewali Lauki,Aloo Anaar Raita,Rassewale Aloo,Green Chutney with kuttu Parantha

R-Green Chutney,Plain Yogurt,Rassewale Aloo with Kuttu ki Puri
No Wonder...during these nine days, people even stop counting their calorie intake.
But Today as the navratris are over and all the events dates are around the corner(Diwali too) so lot of cooking is on the way ..
See u soon. :-)

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