A very Happy Diwali with Fantastic Four Meme…

A Very Very Happy Diwali

Hi Friends!
Dear Vijaya, has tagged me for “Fantastic Four Meme” (This is my first time). Thanks Vijaya. So these are some of the snapshots of my life…..

Fantastic Four Meme…

Four places I've lived…
My Birth Place Dehra Dun
Edison NJ

Four Jobs I had…
Worked in a Kindergarten (was loaded with flowers & chocolates on Teacher’s day Wow..)
(These are not exactly jobs but I had and having a food time doing them)
Loving and most pampered Daughter
Good Companion my husband can count on…Still trying
Currently I am a mother of Nine months old…..and that’s one I am enjoying the most.

Four favorite Places I've holidayed…
My Dreamland Switzerland
Kulu Manali
Niagara Falls

Four Favorite foods…
Kadhi Chawal
Rajma Chawal
Indian Chinese
Sweets of all kinds…umm

Four places I'd rather be...
Anywhere in India
Anywhere with my Family
Anywhere full of chocolates and sweets
Anywhere full of festivity 365 days

Hey Now This is Tricky, I am new to this blogsphere and whom all I know are already tagged, I don’t know if I can tagged them again so I am tagging whom I like to know about. Lets see if they are cool about it.

Four persons I like to tag...
Rajeswari of RAK'S Kitchen
Seema of Everyday cooking recipes from my kitchen.....
Kajal Of Kajal
remya of Spices 'n Flavours

Thanks, and once again a very happy Diwali to all of You.

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