LemonGrass Saffron Rice

Lemongrass Saffron Rice

One of the easiest thing I cooked and comes out really delicious.

Once I made my Thai Curry Paste, I had these Lemon grass Leftovers, which I don't want to throw for some reasons. (oh..they smell so good)

So I quickly think of making rice out of it. (I'm sure there is some recipe for it but right now i'm on high after delivering this recipe.)

Ingds very Simple-
2 cups Rice
leftover lemongrass
Few Strands Saffron
4 cups of water

Take a big pan, add rice and lemongrass. Give it a good stir and add water, salt and saffron.
Keep it on a low flame, keep checking until rice are done.

Serve hot with Thai Curry or Curry of your Choice.

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