Mexican Fiesta ------Vegetable Bean Burrito

Vegetable Bean Burrito

1 Packet Whole Wheat Tortillas( I used spinach Tortillas)
Lettuce torn in big chunks
Tomatoes or ready made Salsa
Stir Fry Peppers, Onoin, Carrots, Corn
Cooked rice with salt and Cilantro
Boiled and cooked Beans
Cheese Shredded
Sour Cream

How to assemble-
Warm Tortillas in a skillet

First place some salsa and lettuce in the centre. (I use cabbage but my husband some how miss the presence of lettuce)

Now add Guacamole. (i'll share the recipe soon)

Add Stir fried vegetables.

Than add rice and beans.
I use kidney beans. Soak and boil the beans. Mash it little Take some olive oil in a pan, add chopped garlic/ ginger and add beans with 2 tbsp of water Season it with salt and pepper. Add chipotle sause or any hot sause for extra kick.

Lastly add cheese and sour cream(Oh! i didn't have that time)
First Fold the bottom of the tortilla up, than fold one side over (make sure u cover all the filling) and than fold other side in a same way.

Ummm....Burrito is ready to Serve.

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