Misal Paav....Maharasthtra ki shaan

Misal Paav


1 cup dried peas (Matra as we call it )
(Soaked for 8 hours and Boiled)
1 tsp of ginger and garlic
Cumin seed Pd, Coriander Pd, Garam masala Pd, Fennel seed Pd Acc. to ur taste
Little bit of Turmeric Pd
2 tbsp of Tamarind Chutney

Take a non stick pan, heat 2 tsp of oil and add ginger and garlic. Saute it for 2o seconds and add all the masala Pd. Again Saute it for few seconds and add boiled matra (peas).
Add enough water to prevent sticking on bottom of the pan. Give it a boil and add salt and tamarind chutney at end.

Ohh..I forget to mention chopped green chillies if u want it hot and spicy.

For Garnishing-

Chopped onion, tomatoes, cucumber, raw mango
(vegetable of ur choice to make it healthy for children)
Chopped Coriander

How to Serve-

This is what I love about Misal Paav and Dabeli.
Take enough of misal in a bowl, add chopped vegetables and garnish it with papri , sev and chopped Coriander.

Serve hot this Colorful and Tempting bowl with Paav and tamarind and green chutneys on sides.

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