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Priti of Indian Khana has tagged me for '7 Facts about me'. Thanks Priti, for tagging me...:)Thank U Dear, for making me aware and really think abt 7 facts about me.

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I love my son Maanav very very much. After being a mother I got to know how our love for our children is free from any expectations or anything in return.

After being a mother I love and respect my mother all the more. Now i realise how i always take her for granted and she happily makes all my wishes come true.

I am a very boring person until and unless I'm comfortable with whom I am. Once I'm comfortable , Believe me I am fun.:-)

I respect and cherishes all my relationships, even with my pets. Once u have a feeling in r'ship that's for treasure.

I believe in God. I believe in super power. There is some one up there, who is taking care of everything.

I am a dreamer, and I always dream abt life without any hardships and pain. Life full of happiness and contentment for all. Wow! what a wonderful world for our children.

I'm still a girl from heart. I still love soft toys, dolls, all girly girly stuff.

These are the 7 facts about me and now the toughest job.

I Tag-

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