HAPPY 2009

A Very Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Shivratri in advance.

Yes I'm Back. Last Year ended with some good and bad moments and lots of memories to keep and cherish.Though for me, the year ended with a sadness for a personal loss but 'New Year' brings back all the energy and hope to look forward and wait, what this year unfolds for us. Its 2009 ..its late but "Happy New Year" to my friends and visitors of my blog.

Now its a confession time... from last two years I have a man in my life other than my husband...he is charming, naughty, cute and adorable. I'm so much in love with him. And I always thank God for blessing me with him exactly 2 years back on 16 February 2007. I am really blessed... My Husband loves him too.

Yes I'm talking about My Man, My Boy, My Son.

My first post of 2009 is the cake I baked for him on his Birthday. Its a Carrot Sponge Cake, with cream icing Just for him.

Well, I know it was not perfect but for sure full of love, a perfect gift from a mother to a son.

This is for My Man, My Husband, My Friend.
I cooked this special meal for my husband on the same weekend. We had a nice time and I'm glad I was able to do something special for two special people in my life.
See u soon with the recipes and lot to share. Pls update me with the going on events if possible.

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