Happy Holi


Holi is a festival of 3 "F" - Fun, Family and Food. Yes..."Food" that brings festivity on holi with colorful and scented gulal. Mom used to make (sorry mom u still make) so many food items on Holi. Name a few like Gujiya, Mathri, Meethe and Nankeen Shakarpare, Imli ka paani, Dahi Wade. Gosh! all that work for us (me and my brother) coz we were so excited for all the good food weeks before on Holi. I love u Mom for all the hard work you did and you're still doing to make each and every day special for us. I still remember making gujiya with my mother. (Thank U Mom for insisting me to help u, now when I'm married and have my own family and kid without any thought I know how to make the day special for my family). These are the few things I made on Holi.

Holi is incomplete without Gujiya. I also made Sev, Chivda and Banana Bread for my son.(Its not customary its just for his love for Bananas.) While I was making gujiya I was thinking all about home, we all (my dadi, bhabhi, mom and myself ) used to make gujiya's together. It was more fun than work. Here (in US), I have to do everything by myself all alone. Its OK, then I wonder, if my son with his all American taste (cupcakes, muffins, croissant, donuts.....) is going to like it or not. Lets see if not this year, probably next year. With thinking and hoping I finished my work and with all love and hope I gave very first gujiya to my son. He took a bite and return to his unfinished work of messing up whole room. And I returned to my work of cleaning and sorting things in the kitchen. All of a sudden my son came and hold me, I asked what happened and his one word made my day. He said "MORE"

Like a very proud mother I gave him one more gujiya and felt so satisfied that all my hard work is paid. I was feeling like a super Mom (blushing blushing) and can relate myself to my mom. Mom I have started understanding you more better.

Well today just my story, recipes very soon....

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