Instant Treat For Kids

There are times when you want to instantly reward your children with some colorful tasty treat, that your kiddos really deserve. Kids wants something sweet, colorful, and whipped cream..yeah !! This is what I gave to my kiddo when he ate green beans in his lunch without any fuss. Bravo...he earns it.

This colorful bowl requires sesonal fruits or any fruits you have and whipped cream (can use that are available in cans or whipped at home)
Fruits I used were-- Mango (cubed), Banana (sliced), Strawberry (sliced) and raspberries.
Really simple, Place first layer of fruit in a bowl (in my case I used Mango) then thin layer of cream, second layer of fruit (IMC-Banana) again thin layer of cream, Third Layer of Fruit (IMC - Strawberry) swirls of w-cream and last fruit I used Raspberries.
Instant Fruit Pudding ready to eat.
I really want to mention the help I get from my son by giving me the fruit bowls, repeating fruits name after me and lastly sharing it with our neighbour's daughter.
Just for u Shonna... Anyday Anytime Anything.

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