Do You Have A Sweet Tooth !?

I made these sweets on Ashtami/Ramnavmi but due to busy schedule didn't get time to post the recipes. First one is Pethe ke ladoo and the other is Nariyal Burfi. They both comes out really good this time.(Believe me! I'm not lucky with sweets everytime) I have a sweet tooth, so when I got mail about Methai Mela from Dear Sri I can't wait, any longer and wanted to share my recipes to make this mela more sweeter.

This one is Nariyal Burfi/Coconut Fudge. This is my favourite Burfi and all the credit for the sweetness and goodness goes to Popular Saffron-Saffron Hut
Her Recipe for coconut burfi is super good. I made this fudge many times but still my squares are not as good as hers. I don't know why you stopped blogging Saffron I want to thank you, for all your wonderful work.

Do try this sweet it will make the occasion more sweeter.
You will enjoy this fudge in every bite of it.
Thank U Saffron

Now its time for next recipe.
Pethe Ke Ladoo
I'm sure you all must have heard about popular Agra ka Petha. I know Petha itself is so good you can't even think of doing anything else with it. But back home I used to make these ladoo with my Mom that gave petha altogether a different taste. I'm a Coconut lover so I love anything with coconut.

Pethe Ke Ladoo

1 cup Grated Petha (agra ka petha)
1/2 cup Roasted Khoya
1 cup Desiccated Coconut
1/2 tsp Cardamom Pd
Tutti frutti and extra D-Coconut for garnishing.

Mix above first four ingredients very well. If you find the mixture sticky can add more Coconut or Khoya according to the taste. Once the mixture is smooth make ladoos out of it.
Roll the ladoo in the extra D-coconut and give it a color with the garnishing of ur choice. You can use nuts, dried fruits, tutti fruiti or wear ur thinking caps and give me more options.

I love this sweet out of sweet, do let me know what u think of it ?

Thank U Srivalli for hosting Mithai Mela Its a nice timing for my recipes.

Just want to make sure I'm not disappointing You :-)

Thanks again, Srivalli.

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