Freshly Baked Bouquet-----My Click!

This was my very first attempt of baking edible cookies. I was very excited and encouraged with the results. (Thanks to my son for encouraging me the most by demanding and eating them many times a day ((I was happy and not so happy coz he was skipping his dinner)) I'm glad there is not many left now. With the cookies in mind I thought why not take a dip in photography and participate in very popular and in demand Event-Click.
With no experience in photography and not much savvy about photoshop I tried and clicked.
Today is a last day, so not much time in hand to take an advice from you guys which picture is good. I chose one and prefer to keep it in original form without using any effects. From my mind it is very Spring-y, amateurish but there is always a first time ....with time I'll improve.

These are Oatmeal Chocolate chips Cookies, I'll post the recipe very soon with some more pictures. I have to edit and post it before 30th may to partcipate in Click. So have to rush, wish me good luck for this event.

With out any further delay This is my click ready to partcipate in the Event Click-May 2009 Cookies. Thank You Jai and Bee Jugalbandi rules.

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