Celebrating my triumph on Diwali.

Diwali, festival of light, signifies the triumphs of good over evil, light over darkness, triumph of love, sacrifice and faith.
Diwali 2009 marks my triumph over fear of making Gulab Jamun. Archana this post is dedicated to you as you motivated me that day to make GJ. You know the whole story, how I started, how many I spoiled, how many times I disappointed.
For my friends, the story behind this is - I used to make GJ in India with fresh Khoya and all required help from my mother. Gits and MTR are very popular here(US) for making GJ. They give quick tasty results. So, many times I tried these brands but the end results were always pimply, ugly, amorphous "Thing" which tastes like GJ if you eat them with eyes closed. I used to envy those good looking pictures of GJ posed by my friends and wondered how they manage to get this even nice shape and texture.
My son loves GJ or "Jamoon" as he lovingly asks me every time to eat. Keeping his demands in my mind I tried and really really glad with the results.
I used Gits but also added 1/2 cup of fresh khoya and 1 tsp of maida in it. (just to increase the Quantity).
Although Diwali 2009 is over but the festive fun and food still lingers in our mind and refrigirator.
Hope You had a wonderful Diwali.

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