Halloween 2009

Now that our festival season is over but the festivity is still all around. That's one big advantage of living in US. As we say, goodbye see u next year .. to Diwali, same time look forward excitedly for Halloween night trick or treat, planning for Thanksgiving dinner and shopping, shopping, shopping on black Friday, Christmas eve party and lastly New year eve.

Wow...But today lets talk about Halloween.
Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31 every year in US. Its a spooky, funky, sweet holiday because of all the candies and chocolates and cupcakes and cookies baked for the day.
I made these Cupcakes on Halloween for Maanav and his friends in our block.

These are Carrot cupcakes with whipped cream frosting.

I even tried my hands in Thumbprint Cookies. Thanks to this blog world for sharing wonderful recipes. These are Chocolate thumbprint cookies and Lemon curd thumbprint cookies.
We preferred Lemon curd, they comes out really good.

These cookies are really fun to bake. I'm not sharing the recipe coz this place is full of beautiful recipes if you still need, let me know I'll be happy to do it.

These cookies are Coconut Macadamias cookies and reallllly delicious. Anyways anything with coconut is really delicious for me. But it tastes like our Indian coconut cookies.

Saving for last, this is my first log cake I baked and decorated. The filling I used was vanilla whipped cream with strawberry and walnut.

Decorating any cakes is always a nice experience, its fun to explore, try new techniques and at last feeling of contentment when your family and friends enjoy eating it.
So this is the story of my Halloween waiting to hear from you guys!!...

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