Happy 2010

There can be two things that kept me away from my dear blog, either I was very busy or being lazy all the time. Well, I would like to believe "I was busy" because though I was not blogging, I was actively cooking for my family. And I do have a proof......
Busy is synonym to "Life" If you are busy that means you are having life (Though sometimes I think when I'm not doing anything I'm alive and believe me having a "good life") How many times busy means Serious Work. Busy means busy with your work or busy in looking what others are busy in....must say busy job. Busy means busy with your family or busy in looking hot and trying hard to be on Page 3 so that everybody knows you are busy. Busy in cooking or busy in making excuses Oh! I can't cook today....
So friends, even I was under the influence of these four letters but I must confess still had time to drink tea while watching opera, talking to my good friends, napping in a cosy comforter, playing with my son and most important (thanks to vonage) talking to my mother everyday.
I was and still is very busy and for me, That's life

This time we had early snow means "cold days" means "less sunlight" means "short days" means "most of the time at home" means "cranky kids". So winter automatically means extra work and time with kids to make them busy and comfortable at home.
That's a busy job,right.
After all busiest days, I did get time to do things not so important (well, its a waste of time when you can get it ready made in stores or restaurants) But believe me, I like to be busy in such jobs than some other popular and busy jobs.
Well, I'm leaving this topic at this point because there is no end to it. Lets talk and see, what I did in all these months.

This is the cake I baked for my son's 3rd Birthday. I am still on my initial learning curve ....long way to go.....

Thanks to my husband for sweetly taking away some of my chores like writing on the cake.
Thank you, Dear.

And, Thank you for making 14th Feb extra fragrant and colorful.

I love flowers but still waiting for my gift, Dear. In Love

Thank You

Holi is around the corner and I am ready for it. (We'll talk about holi in my next post)
What I missed was Shivratri. I am from north India and there we fast whole day and later in the evening after pooja we eat "palahar" means food without any cereal, garlic, onion, haldi. We use few spices, Kuttu flour, potatoes (few vegetables) and very popular saboodana.
I made Kottu ki pakodi, Saboodana Khichadi and Aloo raita

This mail is going on and on and on.....I have still lots to talk about, so I save it for the next mail and give u guys less headache.
A very very happy new year to u guys . May you have a healthy, wealthy, funny, sunny New Year.

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